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Common lighting problems

Common lighting problems and how to overcome them

While everyone’s space and lighting requirements are vastly different, we often see customers experiencing similar types of problems when it comes to lighting.

Common lighting problems

In this article, the experts at Savage Lighting share some of the most common lighting problems people face and how to best address them.

Low ceilings

A common question clients ask us is how to brighten up dark rooms with low ceilings so that they feel airier and more inviting. With the right type of lighting, this is an easy thing to do.

For low ceilings, we tend to advise avoiding large, low-hanging light fixtures. Not only can they make the room feel much smaller than it is, but they can also get in the way, particularly if they’re hung in walkways. While you don’t have to rule out pendants completely – in fact, they can make excellent features when used in certain areas, such as over a kitchen island or a dining table – we often find that flush lights are particularly effective in rooms with low ceilings. Not only do they cast a wide, diffused light across the space, but they also don’t take up much space.

For smaller rooms, we also recommend using a combination of different types of lighting, including ambient, task and accent. Find out more about the layers of lighting in our recent blog about enhancing unique spaces here.

Lack of warmth

With so many different types of LED Fixtures on the market, a variety of colours and colour temperatures are much more freely available than they have been in the past. But while having more colour options with greater CRI is generally a positive thing, it also increases the risk of purchasing fitting with a colour temperature that is not quite right for your space.

A common problem we see is customers who have bought LEDS with too high a colour temperature, which makes lights appear too harsh, blue, and sterile. While this is suitable for some spaces, it’s not ideal if you’re trying to create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere.

For this reason, it’s perhaps unsurprising that customisable lighting solutions are becoming an increasingly popular choice. For example, the Crestron Home® OS platform, which integrates Savage Lighting’s high-quality LED lighting fixtures, puts the power to control the colour, hue, saturation, colour temperature and the intensity of light back in your hands, so you’re in complete control of how your lighting systems look and perform. Find out more about the platform here.

Poorly distributed light

Whether it’s for practical or decorative purposes, the right light in the right location can make or break a space. Having an area of light that’s too concentrated can introduce a whole host of issues, from causing glare (too much light) in one area to inadvertently making shadowy areas appear even darker.

When thinking about light distribution, the best way to replicate a more natural light is to use a larger quantity of lower-brightness LEDS. That way, you can reduce the light intensity emitting from any given point in your space.

Flickering lights

The most likely cause of a flickering light is usually incorrect voltage, poor quality components, or controls requiring certain modifications.

If you feel light in a particular space is giving you migraines or headaches, this may be related to what’s known as an “invisible flicker”. some LED bulbs are prone to emitting light in fast on/off cycles that correspond with the frequency of the electrical grid (50 or 60 times per second). While this flicker is not directly visible, studies have shown that this may cause detrimental health effects, especially in sensitive individuals.

The safest way to address these issues is to get a professional to come out and take a look. They will be able to diagnose the problem and handle any necessary repairs safely.

Leave it to the experts

The best way to avoid falling foul of any lighting mishaps is to leave it to the people who know best.

Savage Lighting is an expert in designing and manufacturing top-quality bespoke lighting. We pull out all the stops to find the solution that will make life easier for you.

For more information about our bespoke lighting solutions, please get in touch with our friendly team today. You can also check out our interior lighting range here.

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