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Bespoke Lighting

Our Custom Design Service

When rebuilding or refitting your luxury yacht or superyacht, you’ll undoubtedly have it customised and personalised to suit your lifestyle.

So, why should your lighting be any different?

In addition to off-the-shelf lighting products that have been innovatively designed and expertly engineered, Savage Lighting are able to customise your marine lighting to suit the finishes and functionality that your heart desires.

If you’re looking for something unique, an exclusive light fitting that cannot be sourced anywhere else, one that needs to be designed and engineered to your exacting standards, the specialists at Savage Lighting can find the solution. If you have a specific refit or rebuild lighting challenge, why not simply commission a new product to be developed.

Savage Lighting has a dedicated research and development laboratory at their factory equipped with the very latest scientific equipment. Facilities include a deep tank allowing for waterproof testing of lights to the highest standard IP68 as well as a special scientific oven able to monitor the running temperatures of all parts of light fittings in ambient temperatures from 25 degrees.

What are you waiting for, book a call and challenge Savage Lighting.

Bespoke lighting
Bespoke lighting
Bespoke lighting

What are you waiting for, book a call and challenge Savage Lighting.

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Bespoke Lighting Solutions
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