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Lighting for Ferries

Keeping your lighting systems running

We understand the importance of keeping your ferries running on time, even in the most challenging of weathers. The last thing you need is your lighting systems to let you down.

Savage Lighting are maritime lighting specialists, able to deliver high quality lighting systems that will help to keep your services running and keep your passengers safe.

How do we know this?

Because we have experienced lighting designers and skilled engineers who only know how to produce quality. The correct grades of material are matched to suit the purpose. Rigourous quality control checks are performed on everything we produce.

Plus, our innovative Light Cleanse solution can make it safer for your passengers. It uses 100% UV-free antimicrobial light technology. Tests have proven the inactivation and killing of SARS-CoV-2 and other enveloped viruses.

Process and projects

From sightseeing river ferries to multi-deck vehicle and passenger ferries, no ferry lighting project is too large or too small for our lighting specialists.

Our inhouse manufacturing and testing facility enables us to be at the forefront of maritime lighting technology and consistently deliver the high quality you deserve.

We plan, design and manufacture in the midlands in the UK and have the capability to distribute or install globally.

In terms of projects, we can cover all your lighting needs, including interior lighting, exterior lighting, striplighting, security lighting, courtesy lighting, underwater lighting, illuminated names, as well as lighting for masts and structures.

Lighting projects are easy for us to deliver to you, due to our comprehensive range of LED lights, lenses, sizes and fittings. Furthermore, if you have a requirement we don’t already stock, we can design and manufacture it for you.

Once the project is completed, to make your life easier, our maintenance engineer can plan an aftercare package for you, to keep your lights performing as they should.


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