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Lighting for Cruise Liners

Reliable high quality lighting systems

Your passengers expect the best experience during their time aboard, so avoiding customer complaints about failed lighting, will be of prime importance to you.

We understand that your cruise ship will need to meet demanding schedules, so a reliable lighting system that will reduce maintenance tasks will ensure your crew’s time is used more effectively.

And, our innovative Light Cleanse solution can make it safer for your passengers too, through using 100% UV-free antimicrobial light technology. Tests have proven the inactivation and killing of SARS-CoV-2 and other enveloped viruses.

Our lighting specialists will be able to advise you of the best lighting solution for every inch of your ship. With our sound knowledge and track record of maritime lighting, you can be sure that our recommendations are fit for purpose and that whatever we promise, we’ll deliver.

Process and projects

Whether you’re seeking a lighting system for a brand new ship or a refit, you can trust that our marine lighting specialists can assist with planning and delivering all your cruise ship lighting needs.

Our lighting systems are innovatively designed, skillfully engineered, then built with high quality components that are energy efficient and made to last. Produced by time-served engineers in the UK, we supply and install lighting for projects all around the world.

In terms of project scope, we can cover all your interior lighting needs. From practical lighting for the crew and functional areas, to exquisite lighting for passenger cabins and dining areas, right through to bespoke statement lighting designed to impress in the ballroom and entertainment areas. We can also provide all your exterior lights, striplights, security lights, courtesy lights, underwater lights, illuminated ship names, as well as lighting for masts and structures.

Our existing comprehensive range of LED lights, lenses, sizes and fittings make it as easy as possible for you, when planning your lighting solutions with us. Of course, if you have a need for something more bespoke, we can simply design and manufacture something for you.

Once the project is completed, to keep your lights performing as they are designed to and to make your life easier, our maintenance engineer can create a tailored aftercare package for you. Damaged fittings and lightbulbs can be replaced at a time most convenient for you, your crew and your passengers.

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